Sustainable Refilling with RYM

Imagine shelves lined with all your favourite household essentials, minus the wasteful packaging. That's what our refill station is all about - a place where bottles get a second lease on life over and over again. At RYM, we're all about that 'fill it up, love the earth' philosophy, and saving you money along the way. By choosing to refill, we're not just cutting down on waste; we're taking a stand together. And we're thrilled to help you do it.

In-Store and At-Home Refill Options

Embrace the refill revolution.

RYM is committed to shaping a community that values every resource and seeks to minimize waste. We do this by providing practical refill solutions that empower you to make a difference with each reuse.

At RYM, we offer you a seamless transition to a more sustainable lifestyle with our in-store and at-home refill options. We supply everything you'll need to get started, from a large range of refillable products to guidance on creating your personalized at-home refill station.


    Be sure to have them cleaned and ready to go. Alternatively, we can help you build a reusable refill kit to get your refill journey started.


    We'll guide you on how the process works, get you started by weighing your jars, and let you explore the countless options for refilling.


    Choose from a wide range of refill products for home, cleaning, and body care.


    Subtracting your jar weight, your refill total will leave you feeling good about the money you're saving and impact you're making.

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From Home Refill Option

1. Send us an email with your Petrolia based address to arrange a pick up.

2. Clearly label your jars and leave them out for pick up.

3. Products will be invoiced, filled and delivered the same day.

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Refill Brand We Love | Pure

Pure is a bulk refill and sustainability company that supplies retailers across Canada with high-quality refill products and solutions. Driven by four core principles—transparency, kindness, quality, and zero waste—Pure is a brand we proudly support. Their products are not only impeccable in performance but are also versatile and highly concentrated. With minimal suggested doses, you can achieve more while using less. Go ahead and top up with Pure products; you'll discover the simplicity, affordability, and convenience of contributing to a healthier planet.

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Sustainable Business Solutions

If you own a business or work for a company looking to add more sustainable options to your workplace, reach out and ask us about our business refill programs.