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Blue Coast Bitters

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Blue Coast Bitters was established in 2022 in Sarnia, Ontario. With a mission to produce and share exceptional bitters while creating a business that celebrates the richness of Canadian life along this southern portion of Canada known as Ontario's Blue Coast.

Coastal Lime: The taste of fresh lime and hops followed by the lasting bitterness of gentian. These bitters will round out any sweet easy sipping cocktail.
Ingredients: Lime peel, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and organic cane sugar.

Fireside Orange: These bitters are a bright and fresh orange bitter with hints of cardamon and slightly sweetened with local honey. Perfect for Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Use to flavour some club soda or your daily water. Can also be a great addition to any wheat beer.
Ingredients: Orange peel, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and honey.

Lake Fever Lavender:These bitters are Spring captured in a bottle. The lavender imparts a distinct floral flavour that is bright and sweet, complemented by fresh mint and lemon notes. Lavender and honey are sourced locally from Lavender Hives, located in Grand Bend, Ontario.A perfect addition to your favourite citrus or summer cocktail and provides a light and new floral essence.
Ingredients: Lavender, alcohol, water, spices, bittering agents and honey.

Morning Fog Coffee:These bitters are a rich and perky blend of coffee and chocolate with a complex undertone of dark spices.Perfect in a White Russian or in your favourite rum, bourbon or whiskey cocktail. Can also be used in place of vanilla extract, in your hot chocolate, irish coffee, or drizzled over vanilla ice cream.
Ingredients: Coffee beans, alcohol, water, cacao nibs, spices, bittering agents and molasses.

Northern Attitude Maple: The great taste of Canadian Maple Syrup shine in these bitters followed by vanilla, all spices and notes of cinnamon with bitterness coming through at the finish.These bitters are fantastic in creamy cocktails or an Old Fashioned. Can replace vanilla extract in your favourite cookie recipe or to liven up your coffee.
Ingredients: Maple syrup, alcohol, water, walnuts, spices, and bittering agents.


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