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Handled Baskets

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Maximize your home space with these handled baskets. Available in three sizes for all your organizing necessities- a beautiful, sophisticated, and minimal design your home desires.

These Handled Baskets can hold small and medium-sized plants, fruit, toys, and more. Use this basket for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Strong and comfortable handles on either side of each basket for ease of use and additional functionality. Each basket is handmade by skilled artisans with natural and recycled materials.

Makes a meaningful gift for weddings, house warmings, & milestone celebrations, with the option of the basket replacing wrapping paper. Great for indoor or outdoor use. The possibilities are endless with this durable, beautiful, and useful basket.

L: 10.6” D x 7.9” H
M: 8.6” D x 7.5” H
S: 6.3” D x 6.3” H


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