Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission statement?

We have young families and understand the weight of leading the next generation to care for the environment and its occupants. At RYM we are passionate about teaching simple ways to incorporate sustainable options into our lifestyle, and creating lasting habits that work toward positive change. Through simple product swaps, ethically sourced materials, eliminating unnecessary packaging , removing single use plastics, addressing current issues, and offering quality sustainable alternatives to products consumers are already purchasing, we can create a positive, impactful, and meaningful social and environmental customer experience. 

As a one-stop shop in sustainability, our goal is to create shopping that is simple, affordable, and accessible through organic foot traffic and an online sales. Respect Your Mother is, good for you & Good for the planet.

How are you involved in the community?

All of the brands we carry including our in- house collection are Canadian. We use quality materials made to hold up through weekends at the lake, long days at the park and many many trips to the washing machine. We believe in our products & love to see them passed down to family & friends. 

Being involved in the community and actively fundraising for local initiatives has been an important part of our business from the beginning, regularly supporting our local Community Refrigerator and other local organizations who’s values align with ours. 

How many Canadian brands do you work with?

We are currently connected to 51 Canadian brands and are always open to meeting and collaborating with others who share our vision for a healthier planet.

If that's you, reach out to us to chat

How do you source the ReLoved shirts? 

This is one of our favourite and the most fun collection to buy for. It’s so close to our heart. Every piece from the ReLoved collection are selected from local thrift stores, we take extra care to make sure they are in like new condition. We then rebrand them to divert from the landfill and give them a whole second life.

Why is there a cost difference between the ReLoved Collection and the Coastal Collection?

Our Reloves are sourced at local thrift stores and rebranded before sale. Our Coastal Collection is meticulously hand made with ethically sourced organic bamboo fleece before being printed right here in house. 

What are the Coastal Crews made of?

These oversized Bamboo Cotton Fleece crews with ribbed side detail are made using certified fabrics and hand made in Southern Ontario with a whole lot of love. 

Available in both Adult & Children sizes & now baby.

Black Crewneck: up-cycled leather patch detail on the front with a blank back.

Fawn Crewneck: flocked logo on front with large logo on the back.

Size down for a more fitted look.

Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free on all purchases over $149 Canada wide. For orders below this, shipping costs will vary based on what’s in your cart and can range anywhere from $12.00-$20.00

Learn more about our Shipping Policies here

Do you offer local pickup or delivery?

Yes! If you are local make sure to use code PICKUP to arrange in store pick up or PETROLIA for free local deliveries every Friday. 

Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us at any time!