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Eco- Beige Paper Leather Backpack

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Paper Leather or Washable Paper is a thick and durable fabric made from 100% paper and fully compostable! Best of all, it is foldable, washable, and tear-free!! The more you wash, the sturdier the fiber becomes!

This backpack is a great essential for traveling and day-to-day use. It is fully water resistant under the rain and super chic to take around. Bag front buckles and shoulder straps are all adjustable to suit different sizes and fullness of the bag. 

• Washable by hand
• Foldable
• Water resistant under rain

• Extremely durable
• Easy slide-in front buckles
• L:27cm W:14cm H:35cm

• Plastic-free
• Compostable natural material (except for metal)

• Paper Leather: 100% paper made from tree
• Straps: Cotton Webbing
• Bindings: Cotton binding tape
• Embroidery Patch: Cotton
• Buckles: Zinc Alloy Metal

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